Block Full-Table Operations

If the active role can delete table rows then the DELETE verb is allowed for clients. Here’s an API request to delete old rows from a hypothetical logs table:

DELETE /logs?time=lt.1991-08-06 HTTP/1.1

Note that it’s very easy to delete the entire table by omitting the query parameter!

DELETE /logs HTTP/1.1

This can happen accidentally such as by switching a request from a GET to a DELETE. To protect against accidental operations use the pg-safeupdate PostgreSQL extension. It raises an error if UPDATE or DELETE are executed without specifying conditions. To install it you can use the PGXN network:

sudo -E pgxn install safeupdate

# then add this to postgresql.conf:
# shared_preload_libraries='safeupdate';

This does not protect against malicious actions, since someone can add a url parameter that does not affect the result set. To prevent this you must turn to database permissions, forbidding the wrong people from deleting rows, and using row-level security if finer access control is required.