Embedding a table from another schema

Suppose you have a people table in the public schema and this schema is exposed through PostgREST’s db-schema.

create table public.people(
  id        int  primary key
, full_name text

And you want to embed the people table with a details table that’s in another schema named private.

create schema if not exists private;

-- For simplicity's sake the table is devoid of constraints/domains on email, phone, etc.
create table private.details(
  id         int  primary key references public.people
, email      text
, phone      text
, birthday   date
, occupation text
, company    text

-- other database objects in this schema
-- ...
-- ...

To solve this, you can create a view of details in the public schema. We’ll call it public_details.

create view public.public_details as
  , occupation
  , company

Since PostgREST supports Embedding Views, you can embed people with public_details.

Let’s insert some data to test this:

insert into
   (1, 'John Doe'), (2, 'Jane Doe');

insert into
   (1, '[email protected]', '772-323-5433', '1990-02-01', 'Transportation attendant', 'Body Fate'),
   (2, '[email protected]', '480-474-6571', '1980-04-21', 'Geotechnical engineer', 'Earthworks Garden Kare');


Make sure PostgREST’s schema cache is up-to-date. See Schema Reloading.

Now, make the following request:

curl "http://localhost:3000/people?select=full_name,public_details(occupation,company)"

The result should be:

   {"full_name":"John Doe","public_details":[{"occupation":"Transportation attendant","company":"Body Fate"}]},
   {"full_name":"Jane Doe","public_details":[{"occupation":"Geotechnical engineer","company":"Earthworks Garden Kare"}]}