You can see the full changelog at PostgREST v7.0.1 release page.


  • Fix overloaded computed columns on RPC
  • Fix POST, PATCH, DELETE with ?select= and Prefer: return=minimal and PATCH with empty body
  • Fix missing openapi-server-proxy-uri config option
  • Fix Content-Profile not working for POST RPC
  • Fix PUT restriction for including all columns in payload
  • Documentation improvements


  • From this version onwards, the release page will include a single Linux static executable that can be run on any Linux distribution.


This release was made possible thanks to:

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  • Daniel Babiak
  • Evans Fernandes
  • Jan Sommer
  • Tsingson Qin
  • Michel Pelletier
  • Jay Hannah
  • Robert Stolarz
  • Kofi Gumbs
  • Nicholas DiBiase
  • Christopher Reid
  • Nathan Bouscal
  • Daniel Rafaj
  • David Fenko

If you’d like to join them, consider supporting PostgREST development.