You can download this release at the PostgREST v8.0.0 release page.




  • Fix showing UNKNOWN on postgrest --help invocation.
  • Removed single column restriction to allow composite foreign keys in join tables.
  • Fix expired JWTs starting an empty transaction on the db.
  • Fix location header for POST request with select= without PK.
  • Fix error messages on connection failure for localized PostgreSQL on Windows.
  • Fix application/octet-stream appending charset=utf-8.
  • Fix overloading of functions with unnamed arguments.
  • Return 405 Method not Allowed for GET of volatile RPC instead of 500.
  • Fix RPC return type handling and embedding for domains with composite base type.
  • Fix embedding through views that have COALESCE with subselect.
  • Fix parsing of boolean config values for Docker environment variables, now it accepts double quoted truth values ("true", "false") and numbers ("1", "0").
  • Fix using app.settings.xxx config options in Docker, now they can be used as PGRST_APP_SETTINGS_xxx.
  • Fix panic when attempting to run with unix socket on non-unix host and properly close unix domain socket on exit.
  • Disregard internal junction (in non-exposed schema) when embedding.
  • Fix requests for overloaded functions from HTML forms to no longer hang.


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