You can download this release at the PostgREST v7.0.0 release page.



  • Allow embedding a view when its source table foreign key is UNIQUE

  • Accept: application/vnd.pgrst.object+json behavior is now enforced for POST/PATCH/DELETE regardless of Prefer: return=minimal

  • Fix self join resource embedding on PATCH
    @herulume, @steve-chavez

  • Allow PATCH/DELETE without Prefer: return=minimal on tables with no SELECT privileges

  • Fix many to many resource embedding for RPC/PATCH


  • Bulk Call should now be done by specifying a Prefer: params=multiple-objects header. This fixes a performance regression when calling stored procedures.

  • Resource Embedding now outputs an error when multiple relationships between two tables are found, see Embedding Disambiguation.

  • server-proxy-uri config option has been renamed to openapi-server-proxy-uri.

  • Default Unix Socket file mode from 755 to 660


This release was made possible thanks to:

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  • Daniel Babiak

  • Evans Fernandes

  • Jan Sommer

  • Tsingson Qin

  • Michel Pelletier

  • Jay Hannah

  • Robert Stolarz

  • Kofi Gumbs

  • Nicholas DiBiase

  • Christopher Reid

  • Nathan Bouscal

  • Daniel Rafaj

  • David Fenko

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