PostgREST 9.0.0

This major version is released with PostgreSQL 14 compatibility and is accompanied with new features and bug fixes. You can look at the detailed changelog and download the pre-compiled binaries on the GitHub release page.


PostgreSQL 14 compatibility

PostgreSQL 14 Beta 1 tightened its GUC naming scheme making it impossible to use multiple dots (.) and dashes (-) on custom GUC parameters, this caused our old HTTP Context to fail across all requests. Thankfully, @robertsosinski got the PostgreSQL team to reconsider allowing multiple dots in the GUC name, allowing us to avoid a major breaking change. You can see the full discussion here.

Still, dashes cannot be used on PostgreSQL 14 custom GUC parameters, so we changed our HTTP Context to namespace using a mix of dots and JSON. On older PostgreSQL versions we still use the Legacy GUC variable names. If you wish to use the new JSON GUCs on these versions, set the db-use-legacy-gucs config option to false.

Resource Embedding with Top-level Filtering

Historically, Resource Embedding was always done with a query that included the equivalent of a LEFT JOIN, which meant you could not exclude any of the top-level resource rows. You can now use Embedding with Top-level Filtering to do the equivalent of an INNER JOIN, thus you can filter the top-level resource rows with any of the available operators.

Partitioned Tables

Partitioned tables now integrate with all the feature set. You can embed partitioned tables, UPSERT, INSERT(with a correctly generated Location header) and make OPTIONS requests on them. They’re also included in the generated OpenAPI.


Horizontal Filtering

  • The unknown value for three-valued logic can now be used on the is operator.

  • Escaping double quotes(") in double-quoted surrounded strings is now possible by using backslashes, e.g. ?col=in.("Double\"Quote"). Backslashes can be escaped with a preceding backslash, e.g. ?col=in.("Back\\slash"). See Reserved characters.


Error messages

  • Embedding Disambiguation now shows an improved error message that includes relevant hints for clearing out the ambiguous embedding.

Documentation improvements

Bug fixes

  • Correct RPC return type handling for RETURNS TABLE with a single column (#1930).

  • Schema Cache query failing with standard_conforming_strings = off (#1992).

  • OpenAPI missing default values for String types (#1871).

Breaking changes

  • Dropped support for PostgreSQL 9.5 as it already reached its end-of-life according to PostgreSQL versioning policy.

  • Partitions of a partitioned table are no longer included in the Schema Cache. This is so errors are not generated when doing resource embedding on partitioned tables.

  • Dropped support for doing Hint Disambiguation using dots instead of exclamation marks, e.g. doing select=*,projects.client_id(*) instead of select=*,projects!client_id(*)). Using dots was undocumented and deprecated back in v6.0.2.


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